Home School Bridge Program

We understand that formal school is a choice, and many parents today choose to home school their children. We support parents who make this choice and seek ways to strengthen home school education for the good of the child.

Because structured schools have resources and professional expertise which may be unavailable to a parent at home, parents often search for outside programs to round their child’s education.

Through our Home School Bridge Program, Cascade Christian Academy supports parents with individual core classes*, music, physical education, and other aspects of student life.

Tuition and fees are determined based upon the classes selected. There are no financial need-based scholarships available through this program. Students enrolled in the Home School Bridge Program are expected to follow the CCA Handbook and Bulletin.

To learn more about Home School Bridge Program, or to schedule a consultation, please call 509.662.2723, ext. 10.

NOTE: Less than full-time enrollment may not meet requirements for participation in senior activities, graduation exercises, and varsity sports. Consult with the Registrar and Athletic Director to determine eligibility.

*Core classes are all classes other than music and physical education.