Frequently Asked Questions
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What are school hours and office hours?

Start Time: 8 AM (all grades)

Dismissal Times: Mon. – Thurs.

3 PM (grade K-4)  |  3:35 PM (grade 5-12)

Dismissal Times: Fri. & Half Days

12 PM (grade K-4)  |  12:10 PM (grade 5-12)

Office Hours

Mon. – Thurs.: 8 AM – 4 PM  |  Fri: 8 AM – 1 PM

Is CCA an accredited school?

Yes, Cascade Christian Academy holds accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), and the Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (CESS). In addition, CCA is approved by the state of Washington. We are also a member of numerous professional and educational organizations, including the National Council for Private School Accreditation.

Does CCA offer Before or After-school Care?
Sibling Supervision

Grades K-4

Supervision is provided only for K-4 students who have older siblings enrolled at CCA with a later dismissal time. There is no cost for Sibling Supervision. Elementary teachers provide Sibling Supervision in their respective classrooms until 3:35pm, Monday through Thursday (no grace period for late pick up). Students may only be signed out by parents/guardians; older siblings may not sign out K-4 students. There is no Sibling Supervision on Fridays and other half days; pick up time is 12:10pm (no grace period for late pick up).

Child Care

Child care is not provided on-site at CCA. CCA’s childcare center, Cascade Christian Child Care (CCC), provides child care before and after school, and on many CCA no-school days and CCA vacations. CCC is located in a separate building on campus. Limited space has been reserved for after-school CCA students, on a first-come, first-served basis. Families must register their student in advance with CCC in order to reserve their child’s space and receive child care. Only students pre-registered at CCC will be escorted after dismissal to CCC by CCC staff. CCC may be reached at (509) 662-3573 or

Late Pick up

Teachers are busy with grading, planning and lesson preparation and it is important that their time be respected by picking up students promptly. Parents/guardians will be called if their student is not picked up on time. If teachers are unable to reach parents/guardians, emergency contacts will be called.

Grades 5-12

Students in grades 5-12 may remain on campus if they are participating in approved after school activities such as student work, sports (grades 5-12), seeking teacher assistance, or other activities, as approved. Students not participating in these activities are to be picked up or leave campus promptly at dismissal time. Students remaining after dismissal time who are not in an approved after school activity will be asked to leave and/or their parent will be contacted to pick them up.

Students are to continue to exhibit good behavior and decorum when remaining on campus after dismissal time. Students are expected to:

  1. Remain in uniform, with the following exceptions:
    • Student athletes are to change into athletic wear immediately before participating in sports. If remaining on campus after sports participation, students are to change out of athletic wear prior to reentering the hallway.
    • Custodial student workers are permitted to change out of uniform immediately before working, being mindful of the CCA dress code standards of modesty, simplicity & neatness. If remaining on campus after working, students are to change back into uniform.
  2. Remain in supervised and/or public areas, as applicable to the after-school activity.
  3. Keep belongings such as backpacks and clothing with them. Belongings are not to be left unattended on the floor or elsewhere.
  4. Be picked up or leave campus promptly once the after-school activity concludes.
  5. Wait quietly and safely for parent pick up in the front entry sidewalk and hallway areas of the school. Students are not to wait in the parking lot or driving areas. There is to be no running outside or in the hallways, no swinging on the railings, and no roughhousing.
  6. Follow the guidelines set forth in the Handbook.

Students not following these expectations will be addressed following the progressive discipline policy and may lose the privilege of participating in after-school activities.

Does CCA have a dress code?

Yes, the dress code requirements can be found here: CCA Dress Code

Does CCA offer a lunch program?
CCA’s hot lunch program takes place on each full school day, Monday through Thursday, and is available to all students, staff and visitors. Hot lunches are always vegetarian and typically include an entree, vegetables and/or fruit, beverage and dessert. The cost of lunch is $4.50 for K-4 students and $5.00 for grades 5-12 students and adults. Students will be billed at the end of the month for meals eaten.

The hot lunch program is led by Linda Diseth, CCA Cook, and daily kitchen support is provided by staff, volunteers and students from grades 6 – 12. Proceeds from the hot lunch program benefit the class funds of these grades, as well as provide funds for Athletics, Spiritual Activities, Music, and Missions.

What safety measures are in place at CCA?
We strive to make CCA a safe school for our students, staff and visitors. There are a number of things in place to help us in achieving this goal and we are continually working on ways that we may improve safety even more. If you have questions regarding safety at CCA, please feel free to contact Stephanie Gates, CCA Principal at


CCA uses the WAQA air quality site to determine when it’s safe for students to be outdoors. When the WAQA value is above 150, students must stay indoors.


CCA utilizes Remind as a method of direct communication with parents and guardians. It is important for parents and guardians to keep in close contact with the school to be informed of important safety and school delay/closure information.


Before volunteering in the classroom, chaperoning on a field trip, coaching a sports team, etc., every prospective volunteer must complete online training and background screening through Verified Volunteers, CCA’s provider of these services. To learn more, email jessenia.brenal or call (509) 662-2723 ext 10.


CCA exterior doors are kept locked during school hours.

CCA classroom doors are configured with a “School Safe” lockdown device. This is an ‘anti-latch’ device that operates in conjunction with the door’s existing lock. This device allows the door to be locked from within the classroom in seconds without opening the door, using a key, or leaving the classroom.

CCA’s outdoor area covers 10 acres and is secured by a gated/locked chain link fence. This fenced area adjoins the school building, enclosing the playground, outdoor basketball court, softball field, soccer/flag football field, and vehicle storage yard (excluding the parking lot).


Students are not allowed to leave campus during school hours including study hall periods. Campus is defined as the back of the church and Community Service center on the east, Academy Street on the north, and the lower playground area to the west. Parents may give permission for their student to leave campus as provided by completing the Off-Campus Permission Form.


CCA employs camera surveillance equipment for security purposes. This equipment may or may not be monitored at any time. Surveillance cameras are for the express use of CCA staff and not for public use. All cameras record video. Only the front entry area camera records BOTH video and audio. This area is considered an open public space with no expectation of privacy.

Surveillance cameras will generally be utilized in public areas which may include building entrances, hallways, parking lots, front offices, gymnasium, and cafeteria.

Surveillance cameras will not be installed in “private” areas such as restrooms, locker rooms, changing areas, private offices, and K-12 classrooms.


CCA staff are trained to assist with emergencies during regular school hours and are certified in CPR/First Aid/AED/Bloodborne Pathogens. Each classroom is equipped with Standard Response Protocols (which includes Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate, and Shelter), a fire extinguisher, and a disaster backpack containing emergency supplies including a first aid kit, water, snacks, grade-appropriate activities, and parent/guardian contact information.


Several times each school year, CCA staff review school safety procedures. Together with CCA staff, students practice emergency drills regularly throughout the school year. CCA’s safety program includes the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) which is based on four actions: Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate and Shelter. Students are taught the procedures for the various emergency drills that take place, including weather events, fire, accidents, intruders, and other threats to student safety.


CCA has placed an AED in the following location: In the hallway just before entering the gym, mounted to the wall. The AED is in an alarmed cabinet. When the cabinet door is opened, a loud alarm will sound which alerts those nearby that there is a potential emergency.

CCA staff are trained to assist with an AED emergency during regular school hours. After school hours this is a public access defibrillation (PAD) program. If you suspect someone is experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest please feel free to use the equipment at our school. Good Samaritan laws protect the layperson in a life-saving attempt, although we recommend becoming trained in CPR/AED as an investment in your health and the health of others.


This committee meets bi-monthly to review safety procedures and safety measures that are in place, as well as to investigate and implement new ways to strengthen safety at school.


Enrolled students are covered through a blanket School-Time Accident Plan (the plan) with Myers-Stevens & Toohey, which provides coverage secondary to a student’s other health coverage. During COVID remote learning, school-related injuries that occur at home may be covered events and are to be reported to within 72 hours of the injury. A claim form with instructions will be provided to the parent/guardian to complete and file with Myers-Stevens & Toohey within 90 days after the date of loss. It is important to read claim filing instructions carefully to ensure coverage benefits are fully realized.

How can I stay informed about my child's grades?

FACTS is CCA’s student information system portal where parents and students have access to grades, attendance, and more. CCA’s District Code required for login is cc-wa. Log in here. 

Does CCA offer financial assistance or aid?
It is our goal that an education at CCA be available to those who desire a Christian education. Student work opportunities, tuition discounts, scholarships, and need-based tuition assistance are available to help make this goal a reality. 529 Savings Plans may also be a resource for families.
What are the parking lot drop-off and pick-up procedures?

The City of Wenatchee has reviewed CCA’s drop-off and pick-up procedures and periodically monitors to ensure that we are in compliance with city ordinances. We want to respect our neighbors and keep our students safe.


When driving up Academy St., if there are cars lined up in the parking lot up to the street, do not stop and wait to enter the parking lot there. Cars waiting to enter may not block street traffic here, as it could back up to Western. Instead, continue driving to the cul-de-sac, turn around, then drive back down Academy St. along the sidewalk. Once the cars pull forward into the parking lot you may enter the parking lot. We will have staff and volunteers monitoring and assisting cars as necessary.

~ Drop-off and pick-up only at designated locations. Dropping students off before supervised times in the morning puts students at risk.

~ Do not talk on cell phone while driving in the parking lot.

~ Be courteous to staff, volunteers, and other drivers and follow all safety guidelines.


At pick-up time, students in Kindergarten through fifth grade will be lined up in front of the gym. The driving area in front of the gym is one-way heading south during pick-up times and cones will be set up to keep this area a one-way zone. Cars are to pull up all the way to the south end of the gym and students will step from their line and into their car and then leave. (The city said they expect this to be quick yet safe.) If you have picked up your child but are behind a car still waiting for a child, you may pull out of the line and exit.

If you park and wish to retrieve your child from their place in line by the gym, please use the crosswalk between the church and the school. Please carefully supervise your student in the parking area if you stay to speak with a teacher or another parent.


When students are dropped off at school there is no CCA staff supervision in the parking lot. The best route for drop-off is to enter from Academy St. into the parking lot and drop your student off in front of the school or gym doors. Please be sure your child is ready to quickly and safely exit the vehicle. Please park your car if your child is not ready to get out when you enter the drop-off areas.