Paying for Christian Education

Our goal is to make admission to CCA available to all families who desire a Christian education for their children. Student work opportunities, tuition discounts, scholarships, and need-based tuition assistance are available to help make this goal a reality. 529 Savings Plans may also be a resource for some families.

CCA’s tuition and fee structure is provided during the Educational Success Introduction and Tour. Multiple payment plans and payment methods are available to accommodate varying family budgets.

Scholarship Opportunities

Need-Based Scholarship

Available upon submission and approval of CCA Tuition Assistance application. Please contact Tracy Ringering, Vice Principal for Finance, for information.

    • CCA Tuition Assistance Program for all families in need
    • Adventist Church Scholarships for member students in need
    • UCC KEEP Scholarship for Adventist in need
    • NPUC Hispanic Scholarship Program for Hispanic Adventist students in need
    • NPUC New Convert Subsidy for new Adventist students in need

Award Scholarship

The Caring Heart Award is sponsored by NPUC. This scholarship emphasizes teaching young people to make witnessing and service a central part of their lives. Awarded annually to one junior or senior student. Award selection is made by CCA staff.  

Student Work Opportunities

CCA operates a student work program that enables students to earn a paycheck which is applied toward their student accounts. The work program also provides students with work experience and students are taught how to be good employees. Work opportunities provide students with schedule flexibility; extracurricular activities such as music and sports are routinely accommodated. Student workers are greatly valued for their contributions toward the efficient operations of the school.Student reader, clerical, custodial and childcare positions are available. Washington State minimum wage is earned and students age 14 and older may apply.


Tuition Discounts

Tuition discounts are not available for students receiving tuition assistance.

Payment in full discount

Tuition and fees paid in full on or before Registration Day (or the first day of attendance if entering midyear) will receive a 2% discount on tuition.

Constituent Adventist church member discount

The Cashmere, Leavenworth, Valley View and Wenatchee Adventist Churches are the constituent churches of CCA. Their members receive the following discount due to subsidy support received from these churches. This discount is allocated over the selected payment plan.

  • Elementary – $360/year

  • Middle School – $405/year

  • High School – $450/year

Academic scholarship discount

Full-time enrolled students who achieve the following grade point average (examined on a quarterly basis) will earn a discount per quarter, to be applied to the following quarter’s tuition/fees.

Grades 9-12

  • 3.75 – 4.0 – $100/quarter

  • 3.5 – 3.74 – $50/quarter

  • 3.0 – 3.49 – $25/quarter

Grades 5-8

  • 3.75 – 4.0 – $67/quarter

  • 3.5 – 3.74 – $34/quarter

  • 3.0 – 3.49 – $17/quarter

Multiple-Child discount

Families will receive the following discounts on tuition for each child enrolled full-time.

  • 4% discount – Two children enrolled

  • 8% discount – Three or more children enrolled


529 Savings Plans

IRS regulations have broadened the manner in which 529 Savings Plans may be used, although not all states support this legislation. Learn about this avenue of financing private school education by reading more at 529 Plans for K-12 education and by consulting your tax advisor for guidance.