Staff Directory

Stephanie Gates


509.662.2723 ext 201

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Julie Savino

Vice Principal, Chaplain, Librarian, and Registrar

509.662.2723 ext 227

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Tracy Ringering

Vice Principal for Finance

509.679.3074 (cell)

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Jessenia Bernal

Secretary and Office Coordinator

509.662.2723 ext 200

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Tamika Wright


509.662.2723 ext 207

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Kami Vargas

First Grade

509.662.2723 ext 208

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Tori Morgan

Second Grade

509.662.2723 ext 209

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Jennifer Wintermeyer

Third Grade

509.662.2723 ext 210

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Merrie Davis

Fourth Grade

509.662.2723 ext 211

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Laura Kyle

Fifth Grade

509.662.2723 ext 217

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Jared Meharry

Sixth Grade Homeroom

509.662.2723 ext 218

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Amanda Saxby

Seventh Grade Homeroom

509.662.2723 ext 219

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Jannetta Meharry

Eighth Grade Homeroom

509.662.2723 ext 220

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Cheryl Gabel

K-12 Music and Handbells


509.662.2723 ext 221

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Zach Johnson

K-12 Physical Education and High School Health

Athletic Director

509.662.2723 ext 216

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Vicki Downer

High School English and Yearbook

Freshman Class Sponsor

509.662.2723 ext 223

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Kyle Pepple

High School Math and Finance

Senior Class Sponsor

509.662.2723 ext 226

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Greg Ringering

High School History and

Industrial Arts

Sophomore Class Sponsor

509.662.2723 ext 224

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Jeremiah Rich

Science (Grades 7-12)

Junior Class Sponsor and SA Sponsor

509.662.2723 ext 216

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Julie Savino

High School Bible, Spanish, and High School & Beyond

509.662.2723 ext 227

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Warren Davis

Facilities Manager and IT Director

509.662.2723 ext 230

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Justin Malloy

Facilities Assistant

509.662.2723 ext 213

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Jerilynn Morgan

Linda Diseth

School Cook

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