Jeremiah (JD) Rich

High School Science (Grades 8-12)

Class of 2023 Sponsor and SA


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MA. Ed. Curriculum & Instruction 

BS Biology

Chemistry and Religion Minors


Professional Early Childhood Education

Elementary Grades




JD Rich hails from Montana where he served as a part-time science teacher and assistant dean at Mt. Ellis Academy. He graduated from Burman University (formerly Canadian University College) in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, an emphasis in environmental studies, and minors in Chemistry and Religion. In, 2015, he earned his Masters of Arts of Education in Curriculum and Instruction through Montana State University. Mr. Rich has taught at the junior high and high school levels and enjoys interacting with his students in and out of the classroom. He believes that students learn best when learning is relevant, interactive, and fun. In his spare time he enjoys juggling, basketball, 1840s reenactments, telling stories, hiking, and camping.