International Students

Cultural Exchange

Family Atmosphere

A recurring theme expressed by our international students is the wonderful feeling of family that they experience at CCA. For many of them, this closeness helps them to feel comfortable quickly, as they are welcomed in and eagerly absorbed into our high school’s academic, spiritual, athletic and social activities. For others, this close-knit environment is an all-new life experience, as many come from cultures which are more formal and less friendly within the school environment. Our past international students are a valued part of the CCA family and often stay in touch with their fellow CCA students and staff after returning to their home country. CCA’s high school experience is greatly enriched through the enrollment of international students.

Hosting Opportunities

CCA’s international students live with host families for the time they are enrolled at CCA. Host families provide housing, food, transportation to/from school, and loving care for the student far from home. Hosting stipends are available, subject to certain terms and conditions.