Tori Morgan

Second Grade

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Major Elementary Education

Minor Teaching English as a Second Language


Basic Elementary Education

I have always wanted to become a teacher. I was homeschooled with my other six siblings until my junior year in high school when I entered the Running Start program at Wenatchee Valley College. While learning at home with my mother as my teacher I was able to help my younger siblings learn and it was the highlight of my day. My father was a teacher while I was growing up and he would tell me stories of his students and what they were learning. I have always had a passion to teach others and after much prayer, decided to get my Bachelors in Elementary Education at Central Washington University. I started working at Cascade Christian Child Care my senior year of high school until I graduated with my bachelors. I taught a children’s class at my local church for three years before starting my bachelors and this experience helped reaffirm my passion for sharing Jesus with my students. While getting my degree in education I continued working at Cascade Christian Child Care in the afternoons and was a teacher’s aide in the Eastmont school system during the school day. I am still so amazed at how God has worked in my life to put me exactly where I needed to be. 

After graduating from Central Washington University, I was determined that God wanted me in the public school system the next school year. I am so glad that I decided to put my decisions in his hands because He led me to seek a position at Cascade Christian Academy and my experience has been amazing. I am so blessed to wake up each morning and have my day full of laughter, learning, and hugs.