Marianne Quailee

K-12 Physical Education Athletic Director

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I have always loved school and sports. I started playing on a volleyball team in 7th grade and continued up through junior year during which I also started playing basketball. Senior year I moved schools and they had no ball sports, so I joined acronastics (tumbling gymnastics) and really enjoyed it. During college, I played fast pitch softball for 4 years and basketball for 1. 
I graduated from Walla Walla University in 2013 with a major in Religion and a minor in Math with certifications to teach. My first teaching job was at Livingstone Adventist Academy in Salem, Oregon. I taught high school math, religion, and got into coaching volleyball and basketball. I also served at the temporary AD for a year. After three awesome years there, I moved to Fresno Adventist Academy in California. There I taught math and 5-12 band. 
After two years in Fresno a job opened up to work full time at a summer camp and retreat center called Leoni Meadows. I have been there for the last 4 years and loving it. During my time there I completed my Masters in Education: Recreation and Sport Sciences. However, I was missing teaching and felt God calling me back to education. 
Now here I am. Back to teaching and so thrilled. Teaching PE is going to be a new adventure, but since I am passionate about sports and teaching, it should be a perfect fit. I’m also looking forward to playing my guitar in chapel, coaching some varsity sports, and using all the fun stuff I learned at camp to teach indoor and outdoor adventures.