Kami Vargas

First Grade

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BS Major Elementary Education  

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Basic Elementary Education

Jr Acad Art  

Jr Acad Religion

My journey to teaching started when I was really young. My mother was a kindergarten teacher and principal where I attended a small school in Bend, OR. I spent countless hours both during and after school in her room. As I got closer to college, I was asked by many, like every other student headed to college “what are you going to take”. Some people prefer to tell you what you would be great at and should get a degree in. I always heard “You would be a great teacher, just like your mother”.  This was nice and all but what high school/college student wants to be like their moms. Not me. 

I spent the next couple years arguing with God because he was also telling me that my calling was teaching. All the roads that I followed lead to teaching, the friends that I made where in Education and a teacher that I enjoyed so much was from the education department. I was a psychology major at that point but I got to experience her teaching because the education department and the psychology departments were located in the same building and many times the teachers taught both Education and Psychology classes. Beginning of my junior year I was hearing God loud and clear. He was showing me what he had called me to do.  I changed my major to Elementary Education and I have never once looked back and wished I had done anything else.

After finishing my degree in December 2010,  God has opened one door after another and has shown me miracle after miracle in my teaching life. I spent my first year of teaching by substitute teaching. I did two long-term substitute jobs in Kindergarten rooms; one in Kirkland, WA and the other in Puyallup, WA. The following two years I taught Kindergarten, first, and second grades at McMinnville Adventist Christian School. This brings me to the summer of 2013 when I moved to Wenatchee to start teaching here at CCA. 

Every morning before I get out of bed, I thank God for the opportunity to be teaching with a great staff at a wonderful school. But more importantly that I get to spend the day teaching Christ’s children about him. I  HAVE THE BEST JOB!!!!